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At One World Travel Group, we’re dedicated to delivering the complete holiday package to our travel-hungry clients. Learn more about our professional values.

About One World Travel Group

One World Travel Group is a company committed to providing the best logistical services for travelling, accommodation, holiday, and other related services.

We believe in providing the utmost innovative and customised packages at very competitive rates with flexible short and long-term contracts depending on the needs of our clients. We work closely with our clients making their lives easier during their leisure and business travels.

Our clients include business corporations, government, the public sector, families and individuals. Our clients look to us for a consistent standard of service based on professional capabilities, industry insight and knowledge.

We offer services across the country and around the world. Our primary aim is sustaining and enhancing the quality of a professional workforce. Our clients embrace the company’s values which define what we stand for and how we do business. We believe in making a difference to the clients that we serve.

With us you can see the world on your terms!

Vision & Mission Statement

Vision Statement

“To become a leading, world-class, approachable, and transparent travel agency that positions the needs of its clients first’’

Our vision serves as the framework for our journey and guides every aspect of our business.

Mission Statement

“Creating an accessible, dependable, caring, responsible and accountable, travel agency that supports people’s aspirations”.

Our mission declares our purpose as a business and serves as the benchmark against which we base and measure our actions:

  • To create value and make a difference
  • To make a positive impact at all times
  • To serve with pride and dignity

Organisational Values

We pride ourselves in our values which describe how we behave in the market and across the world:

  • We uphold integrity and honesty
  • We are customer-oriented
  • We are passionate
  • We deliver quality service
  • We are transparent
  • We are accountable

Our Culture

Our culture defines the attitude and behaviours that will be required of us to make our long-term vision a reality.

  • We are customer-driven and offer client-centered service delivery
  • We are ethical, smart and dedicated to the Batho Pele principles
  • We are hard-working and have a high performance culture
  • We act with urgency
  • We work effectively and efficiently
  • We have courage to change course when needed


Reliable people and great affiliates to work with
I may not have met any of their travel specialists in person however all I can say is they their service is the best. I have travelled to South Africa, USA and China
Lusaka, Zambia
A team of professionals who understands what they are doing. I do all my family vacations with them and they have never let me down. I have travelled throughout the SADC with them.
Pretoria, South Africa
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the successful trips I’ve undertaken through your company in the past couple of years. It was such a pleasure to organise any travelling plans (work or leisure) with you. There has never been a hustle with anything from accommodation to flights and car hire. I further appreciate the support your team provides in a form of SMS, WhatsApp messages, emails and calls prior to, during and after the trip. Moreover, I appreciate the benefit of discounts whenever we book destination activities through one world travel group. It is unfortunate that COVID disturbed our 2020 international travel plans, however, I am looking forward to more travel plans both locally and internationally organised by one world travel group. Since my encounter with one world travel group, I have travelled to the following places: 1. Durban and Bulwer, February 2019 2. Johannesburg, August 2019 3. Phuket, Thailand, November 2019 4. Cape Town, October 2018. 5. Tzaneen, March 2016
Polokwane, South Africa
I have been travelling to Durban and Cape Town with my friends, our next trip will be Tanzania, Zanzibar.
They got us great deals for our trips to the Philippines, Bali and Dubai. Thanks Emmie you are a star.
Siya and Cynthia
I have been using one world travel since 2018, they provide excellent service and I do contact their travel specialists for my business trips at any time and they always deliver
Johannesburg, South Africa

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